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Where Does Product Management Belong in the Organization? - GrandView PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 April 2007 16:26
Rich Nutinsky
Rich Nutinsky, Instructor, Pragmatic Marketing
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About the Webinar:
Product management serves many functions in a company, including understanding the market, defining requirements, articulating the marketing message, and supporting sales. The priority of product management activities is often a reflection of where product managers reside in the organization chart. Is there a difference when reporting to Development, Sales or Marketing? This session will introduce the many roles of product management and explore the impact of organizational dynamics on the role using results from the annual Pragmatic Marketing product management survey.
About the Presenter:
Rich Nutinsky brings over 18 years of experience in the software industry, including 15 years in product management. He has implemented the Pragmatic Marketing Framework for a number of companies and launched several successful software products following this market-driven methodology. He's now an instructor for the top-rated courses Practical Product Management®, Requirements That WorkTM and Pragmatic RoadmappingTM as well as onsite workshops.

Rich's background includes executive, managerial, and individual contributor roles in professional services, consulting services, sales, software development, product marketing, product strategy, analyst relations, and product management. Rich has extensive experience as an independent consultant, helping companies like Microsoft, ATT, Dupont, NEC, GE, and Siemens improve product strategy, product management, and marketing processes.

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, he was VP of Product Management and Development for Arasys Technologies. Rich brings a wealth of startup, mid-size, and large company perspectives from his experiences at varied firms.


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