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Wednesday, 22 August 2007 17:17
Bob Schmonsees
Bob Schmonsees, Founder, Value Mapping Consortium and R.J. Schmonsees & Associates
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About the Webinar:

One of the toughest challenges facing Product Managers and Marketers is creating customer relevant, differentiated, & sales ready messaging for complex software products. This is why the concept of "Marketecture" developed by Pragmatic Marketing in the late 90's is so important.

Today's customers, however, are demanding true solutions. As a result, software products are becoming more complex, and many are being sold to solve multiple problems, for multiple stakeholders, in multiple markets. This unrelenting pressure sell solutions plus the increased complexity requires a new strategy for Marketecture and a new generation of positioning & messaging tools.

This webinar will show Product Managers & Marketers how a new web enabled positioning & messaging process called Value Mapping will enable them to more explicitly and precisely map their product's capabilities to the customer's needs so they can create more customer relevant, differentiated, and sales-ready messaging for any complex software product or service.

This webinar will cover:

* The strategic implications of solutions marketing & messaging
* Why Problem Statements and Positioning Documents are never enough
* The five customer questions you must answer
* Getting sales to embrace the message
* The strategic opportunity for Product Management

About the Presenter:
Bob Schmonsees ( is the founder of the Value Mapping Consortium (, and a leading authority on marketing and sales alignment and effectiveness. He has over 30 years experience as a successful high-tech marketing and sales executive and CEO, and has been featured in several national publications periodicals, including the Wall Street Journal, Selling Power, B-to-B, and Sales & Marketing Management. Bob's book "Escaping the Black Hole: Minimizing the Damage from the Marketing / Sales Disconnect" is getting rave reviews and is quickly becoming the definitive work on B-to-B marketing and sales alignment and effectiveness.

In the 1980s Bob helped kick start the CRM movement as the CEO of one of the first commercially available contact management software companies, and in 1995 he created the sales enablement market by delivering first commercially available sales coaching system for complex products and services. He has twice been named as one the 100 people that matter in Knowledge Management, and is one of the few people ever to have been granted a patent on a marketing and sales process.

Bob was also ranked as the number one wheel chair tennis player in the world over 40 in the late 1980's. In recent years he helped develop a single rider golf cart with a mechanical swivel seat that enables disabled golfers to play from a seated position. He currently shoots in the high 80's, and has recorded a hole-in-one!


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