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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 14:04
John D. McGregor
John D. McGregor, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Clemson University
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About the Webinar:
RYMA's November 4th Webinar was presented by John McGregor. This is Part-One of an exciting Three-Part Series on Software Product Line Management. Also watch for Part-Two from SEI, presenting the Software Product Line Framework, and Part-Three "An Implementation and Maintenance Case Study".

By attending this webinar you will take away
  • an improved understanding of the characteristics that are indicative of product line success and how these characteristics support innovation,
  • concrete examples of companies that have used the strategy to dramatically reduce the time to market and to increase productivity by orders of magnitude, and
  • a basic analysis technique to assist in determining whether a software product line strategy will achieve their company's goals.

The increasingly diverse nature of the software industry requires strategies that can be tailored to meet the specific objectives of the organization. The software product line strategy integrates business and technical practices to achieve an organization which has the capability to produce a set of related products achieving extraordinary efficiencies in the development process. Although many software companies have grouped products with similar features, such as office suites or the community-pro-enterprise feature levels, few have carried that grouping into the techniques by which the products are actually constructed.

This presentation will include product line concepts, success stories, and resources that are available from the product line community for companies just beginning to adopt these practices. The presentation will illustrate how the strategy blends architecture-centric development activities with management coordination activities and will provide a high-level view of an organization employing these activities.
About the Presenter:
Dr. John D. McGregor is an associate professor of computer science at Clemson University, a Visiting Scientist in the Product Line Systems program at the SEI, and a partner in Luminary Software. Dr. McGregor consults with numerous product line organizations every year. He was a keynote speaker at WIRE 2009, program chair of SPLC 2009, and presents at numerous conferences, such as PPL 2009 October20th in Amsterdam. Dr. McGregor is co-author of "A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software" published by Addison-Wesley, which includes a chapter on testing software product lines.

He has published numerous articles and technical reports on software product lines. He writes a bi-monthly column, Strategic Software Engineering for the Journal of Object Technology (JOT). Dr. McGregor's interests include software engineering specifically in the areas of product production, testing and change management.

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