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Wednesday, 23 September 2009 15:18
Scott Sehlhorst
Scott Sehlhorst, Principle Consultant, Tyner Blain
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About the Webinar:
Ryma's September 23rd webinar was presented by Scott Sehlhorst. He stated that Kano Analysis is most effective as an approach for understanding and characterizing market problems and capabilities. It can also be applied to gain insights when assessing your competition to formulate product strategy. He reviewed how to apply Kano generally, and some techniques for gaining insights that guide how you approach your market.
About the Presenter:
Scott Sehlhorst started Tyner Blain in 2005 to help companies achieve software product success. With a focus on agile product management, making market insights rapidly actionable for companies, he has been able to help consumer and B2B (and B2B2C) companies differentiate their products, and adapt to their markets effectively.

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