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Social Media's Influence on Market Research - GrandView PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 14:21
Jim Holland
Jim Holland, Founder and principle consultant, Mission Creek Partners
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About the Webinar:
RYMA's October 28th Webinar was presented by Jim Holland. Social media - its conversations and content have opened avenues to untapped audiences, unconstrained demographics and unbridled opinions. But lurking in the forest are all types of distractions, information and potential monsters that may lead you astray.

As product management, is there value lurking "where the wild things are?" In the forest of conversations, connections and content, should product management venture in search for insight on markets, users and perhaps competitive intelligence?

In this webinar, he discussed the viability of social media as a component to market research and intelligence, what approaches should be considered and what plans are required by product management and product marketing before going "where the wild things are."
About the Presenter:
Jim Holland is founder and principle consultant of Mission Creek Partners, a product marketing consultancy. Jim provides senior product marketing leadership and guidance focusing on business planning, market research, and marketing and social media strategies. His experience spans from early stage to enterprise level software companies. Jim is an avid social media practitioner and enjoys contributes through guest blog posts and other commentary online. Before Mission Creek, Jim held leadership and senior product management positions with Ryma, Pragmatic Marketing, Compuware, ASG and CA.

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