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Lead to Align: Strategic Alignment - GrandView PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 19:00
David Locke
David Locke, Independent Consultant
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About the Webinar:
RYMA's September 16th Webinar was presented by David W. Locke. David reviewed strategy alignment as a goal, management tools for achieving strategy alignment, and suggested that leadership achieves superior strategy alignment. The typical strategy alignment tools: MBO, metrics, balanced scorecards, dashboards can be considered protocols, heavy weight protocols. Even the lightest of these are not used in startups. The heaviest get used in well funded, post-IPO companies. Leadership aligns. Leadership spans organizations of all sizes. When we lead, we get to know what specifically motivates our team members, so we can lead them, we can achieve alignment without the weight of strategy alignment tools. David reminds us lead.

Background Information:
About the Presenter:
David Locke has been involved in the software industry for 24 years. Has worked in a various companies battling for market leadership, companies that IPOed at different points in the technology adoption lifecycle, mom and pops, a consulting firm seeking a stable income stream from product sales, blue-chips, his own VC funding effort, and a nascent startup pushing a radical technology. He has been involved in companies selling code generators, frameworks, data visualization, merchandising, systems management and security, operating systems, live-deception honeypots, radiological image networks, police forensic software, counter-forensic software, GPS, and peer-to-peer model exchange with a focus on improving decision making in loosely coupled networks, and a patent contribution in de-centralized medical workflows. He has developed technology and product roadmaps based on qualitative research and provides product strategist services.

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