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Wednesday, 29 July 2009 17:19
Larry CoppenrathAlannah Sinclaire
Larry Coppenrath, Alannah Sinclaire, Client Endorsement
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About the Webinar:
Ryma's July 29th webinar was presented by Larry Coppenrath and Alannah Sinclaire. Is Client Endorsement just another fad in customer satisfaction? Is this all just rhetoric? Together, Larry and Alannah reviewed the evolution of Client Endorsement as the industry has shifted from customer satisfaction to loyalty to and now to customer endorsement as corporate pillars.

They presented the benefits of Client Endorsement as a unification factor across all the activities of the innovation value network. They demonstrated the reality of Client Endorsement in WOM (Word of Mouth) sales & marketing and the current surge in social media's use for marketing.

They will review how to implement and embrace Client Endorsement. Finally, they will make some recommendations based on lessons learned from many client endorsement initiatives and ongoing projects. This is an introductory webinar.

This is an introductry webinar.
About the Presenter:
Larry Coppenrath is Senior Vice President, Strategy; Syscon Justice Systems, Inc. He is responsible for providing leadership for world-wide Product Operations (operations, product management, architecture, quality assurance). Promotes effective decision making and a performance based culture within the organization by driving and facilitating the strategic planning for the management and oversight of corporate performance management processes. Acts as an incubator for new ideas and projects that support the organization's vision and manages the Business Intelligence activities needed to support the planning activities of the company. Guides the management of the offshore (India, China, Australia, United Kingdom ) development resources.

Mr. Coppenrath specializes in team development, and developing business process models for software life-cycle enhancement that allow the organization to focus on Client Endorsement. He is a mentor and coach to all levels of the organization.

Results oriented, highly organized, Alannah has over 15 years' experience in all aspects of strategic business planning, research, development, and support management across the computer industry, serving diverse markets and cultures. Her broad technical background, that includes research and international patenting (she holds an international patent on "Power Supply Device Used for a Commercial Means of Conveyance", 1990) is blended with an interest in management theory that lead to roles in Program and Operations management, Agile Methodology implementations, in addition to management consulting engagements that created best practice process solutions, improved productivity and team management in diverse geographical environments. Presently, Alannah focuses on Client Endorsement management as a business process model to enhance cross-functional collaboration.

Alannah holds a MSc in Radio & Computer Science from the University of Minsk and has extensive extension education in the areas of Business Planning, Development, Marketing, Communication, and Project Management.

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