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Wednesday, 15 July 2009 09:48
Mark Oakes
Mark Oakes, President, CEO and founder of 3 companies
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About the Webinar:
Ryma's July 15th webinar was presented by Mark Oakes. Mark kicked off our new webinar series for us: The CxO View. This series will address how C-Level people perceive Product Management and Product Management issues. Every 3rd Wednesday, we'll be hosting a webinar in The CxO View webinar series. Let us know what you think, we're very excited about it and have some great webinars in this series scheduled.

This webinar is at the Introductory level, but can be tough to understand if not used to systems thinking.

Mark will present a business as a 'System of Systems' designed to deliver on the Promise a business makes, by design or default, to deliver value to its customers. As an entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of several companies, Mark Oakes takes systemic view of business. The process of thinking systemically about a business reveals several key insights that will be addressed in this webinar;
  • The business as a 'System'
  • The leadership role of systemic thinking throughout the organization
  • How 'Systems Thinking' can improve many of the challenges associated with pure functional approaches to business such as Product Management
  • Why working on the System can support a team-based approach to resolving organizational challenges.
About the Presenter:
Mark Oakes is the President, CEO and founder of 3 companies including Intellimar, Inc. a prominent firm in the industrial security marketplace, Concentric Security, LLC a perimeter security construction company specializing in those technology and service solutions required to physically protect facilities, their occupants and visitors against terrorist attacks and Blue Ember Technologies, LLC a security products manufacturing and distribution firm. Before founding his companies, Mr. Oakes has held senior and C-level management positions at several companies throughout his 25 year career in the security field.
Mr. Oakes is nationally recognized as an authority on those architectural security measures that protect facilities against bullet, attack and blast related threats. Additionally he is recognized for his knowledge of business development, strategy and the market dynamics that have shaped the evolution of the industrial security market. He has authored numerous industry articles and speaks regularly on a wide range of business and technology-related subjects.

Mr. Oakes and his team were awarded the Maryland 2004 Ernst & Young Business Services Entrepreneur of the Year, The Baltimore, Maryland Future 50 Award; they were listed #34 on the 2004 INC 500 list of the fastest growing privately held US companies and #38 on the 2005 INC 500 list.

He is also the Vice Chairman of the ASTM E54 Homeland Security Standards Committee and the Co-Chairman for the Coalition for Government Procurement GSA/PBS federal committee.

Mr. Oakes received his BS in Accounting/Finance as well as his MBA from Auburn University

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