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Wednesday, 08 July 2009 09:54
Craig Squires
Craig Squires, Managing Partner, NWIS
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About the Webinar:
Ryma's July 8th webinar was presented by George Padvorac and Craig Squires. They introduced Value Engineering (VE), also known as Value Analysis and Value Management. Value Engineering is a well structured methodology that helps to effectively frame the problem or opportunity being studied. It facilitates innovation, communication, clear thinking and team consensus through the study of function; and condenses the time required to achieve breakthrough results and super-performance.

VE is famous for consistently reducing costs, but those who use it as a cost reduction tool alone are missing out on its many other benefits. When planning and managing various types of projects including Information Technology, there are always issues of scope, features and functionality that should be delivered when there is rarely enough time or resources to deliver all the desired functionality. Designing and delivering solutions that satisfy the business or client's wants in proportion to the relative importance they give to each of them is a real benefit of utilizing the VE methodology.

If you are familiar with Value Improving Practices (VIPs), Six Sigma, Lean, Agile or other value improving methodologies, this overview will provide insights to when and how VE can complement them and make its own significant difference in improving projects.

Some benefits of utilizing Value Engineering in your projects include:
1. More clearly defined project scope and goals to enhance project starts
2. Clearly articulated project objectives and improved communication across disciplines.
3. Better alignment between project team and management through structured facilitation and key planning events, resulting in better support and acceptance.
4. Sufficient allocation of resources in target areas, including a likely reduction in overall capital expenditure and better defined and refined project ROI.
5. Better project control in planning, schedules and logistics.
6. Better visibility of project scope from the beginning of the project, which will allow for better management and control, and limit scope changes during the life of the project.
7. The brainstorming by function and job plan process will allow for better involvement between the entire team and end users, while providing a means to understand and manage ideas selected for consideration.
8. The multi-disciplinary approach provides an ongoing peer review process that will allow for better and more timely feedback, suggestions and corrections.

Background: For more information about Value Engineering
About the Presenter:
Since 1998, Craig L. Squires has served as Managing Partner of nwis, a technology firm specializing in value methodologies, project support services and custom business application development. He currently serves as Executive Vice President of SAVE International. He served as Vice President - Global Affairs for SAVE International from 2007-2009 and was the Houston SAVE Chapter President from 2005-2007. SAVE International is the premier international society devoted to the advancement and promotion of the value methodology (also called value engineering, value analysis or value management).

Craig has worked on projects in a wide range of industries including energy, technology, large accounting and professional service firms, resorts/hotels, large retail centers, banks, and tourism. The breadth of his experience brings depth to any project in which he is involved. Craig has a degree in International Relations and a minor in Japanese from Brigham Young University, He speaks Japanese fluently, speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and has 20+ years in business development and strategic planning. Craig has written and published papers and makes presentations on the Value of Information, the Value Methodology and Technology related topics at local and national and international conferences and events.

George Padvorac is a founding Partner of Pinnacle Nwis LLC and served as Chief Technology Partner of nwis, L.P since 1998. As Chief Software Architect, he's successfully designed, built and deployed numerous enterprise-level applications for a diverse collection of regional and global businesses.
George uses Value Engineering in software analysis and design, and is also involved in VIPs (Value Improving Practices) where VE is one of many value improving practices. He currently serves as President of the Houston SAVE Chapter (Society of American Value Engineering) and has written, published and presented papers at local and national conferences and events on Value Engineering, and using technology for function-analyses and dimensioning.

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