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How to Unify Cross-Functional Activities - GrandView PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 19:00
Brittney Herrera
Brittney Herrera, Co-Founder, pmNERDS
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About the Webinar:
RYMA's December 30th Webinar was presented by Brittany Herrera. Attendees of this webinar should have gained insight into roadmapping activities designed to address issues found in typical roadmapping processes, and help companies reap the benefits of a unified roadmapping initiative.

Unlike typical roadmapping discussions that focus on a single person, or department creating a silo'd product roadmap, this webinar will address issues and solutions in cross-functional teams, strategy alignment, and consensus on roadmapping decisions found in a continuously changing product management environment.

Each step of a sample enterprise roadmapping process will be reviewed with the intent to highlight the issues and benefits relative to that step. With the insight gained from this webinar, you can look at your own roadmapping processes and start doing the things required to gain even more benefit out of your roadmapping efforts.
About the Presenter:
Brittany comes from a systems engineering background in Homeland Security, Aerospace and Defense, and their tier 2 suppliers. She has over 7 years of experience working with, and observing, product management teams struggle with issues stemming from poor Roadmapping. Brittney is a co-founder of pmNERDS, and spends her time teaching and implementing product management practices fundamental to all businesses, small and large.

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