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Wednesday, 23 November 2005 17:55
Larry Weber
Larry Weber, Founder and Chairman, W2 Group Inc
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About the Webinar:

Over the past three decades, technology has evolved from being an end in itself - a push for one more megabyte of speed - into fuel for innovation that transforms markets and stimulates new opportunity. Technology companies today can thrive by pushing the boundaries of marketing with the same drive they put toward research, development and sales. Fortunately, marketing is morphing and innovation is everywhere (blogs, podcasting, social networks, etc); it just takes a little extra effort to get started and reap the benefits.

Larry Weber is among those who see a revolution in the industry, and he believes the future of marketing hinges on better understanding of micro-segmented prospects and building stronger dialogue (the stronger the dialogue, the stronger the brand). Larry's presentation will discuss innovation in marketing today and how technology companies can harness the power of a rapidly morphing craft.
About the Presenter:
Larry Weber is well known for applying innovation and technology to advance the marketing craft. He started The Weber Group in 1987 and shortly after launched Thunder House, one of the first online marketing firms. Within 10 years, The Weber Group was the world's largest technology PR agency. Ultimately, Interpublic Group acquired both The Weber Group and Thunder House. In early 2000, after building Weber Shandwick into the world's largest PR agency, Weber became chairman and CEO of Interpublic's Advanced Marketing Services group, encompassing all its PR, research and analysis and entertainment holdings.

In 2004, after seven years on Madison Avenue, Weber returned to his entrepreneurial roots and launched W2 Group, a global marketing services company focused on digital constituency management and next-generation marketing services. Today, W2 Group is home to Racepoint Group, the fastest growing technology PR firms in the world, and Digital Influence Group, the first agency to specialize in digital channel programming (blogs, online communities, micro sites, RSS strategies, etc.). Weber's first book, "The Provocateur," was published in January 2002. He is now working on a second book, "The Morphing of Marketing."


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