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This week’s GrandView guest post is by Mark Ferraro, a transformation practitioner with Redpoint Technologies. He has over 10 years of information technology experience from many aspects of the software development value chain.

by Mark Ferraro 

Twitter:  @mark4ro

Over the last ten years, I have been focused on helping organizations transform their principles and behaviors toward more agile ways of operating. The ten dynamics discussed here call out consistent patters I have discovered in this work.  Organizations demonstrating these dynamics have consistently demonstrated higher levels of business agility.

Transforming organizations to a healthier balance of these dynamics provides a natural win-win scenario that provides significant improvement to the bottom line while at the same time improving the morale and the quality of life of the employees. Ultimately, this win-win condition allows the enterprise to more effectively compete in their chosen markets.

This work has included lots of different types of organizations. I’ve had the opportunity to work with manufacturing companies, insurance, education, publishing & printing, financial, and technical companies. I’ve also worked with organizations at various levels of enterprise agility. Some well down the road to increased business agility and with others just getting started with their transformation. Additionally, it’s quite common for divisions and departments within organizations to be at different levels of agility. For example, work within a multinational bank demonstrated wide variance between their private banking and investment banking divisions.

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