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Monday, 14 March 2011 15:40

This week’s GrandView guest post is by Si Alhir, a well-known expert in the GrandView Community and a frequent presenter in GrandView’s popular Product Management View webinar series. For over two decades, Si has helped companies synergize business and technology around proven best practices. In this post, he defines and discusses Tribal Leadership in an Agile World.

By Si Alhir (Twitter: @SAlhir), web:

Tribal Leadership is a proven transformational process and leadership model for fostering organizational health, which leverages natural groups to build thriving organizations by focusing on language and relationship structures within a culture.

Agility is a value system that emphasizes people, results, collaboration, and responsiveness involving self-organizing cross-functional teams that constitute an agile enterprise. Scrum is a framework that organizes work for maximum efficiency and effectiveness based on the Agile value system using three roles, three ceremonies, and three artifacts.

Using Tribal Leadership’s cultural stages, we can recognize the stage of a team or organization. Using Tribal Leadership’s triading, we can foster greater agility. And using Tribal Leadership’s tribal strategy, we can leverage that agility toward an outcome.

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